I want to be a mathematician because  I need to have job responsibilities,skill and education, and job out lowland benefit.

The job responsibilities is design experiments,collect data and create models and study how diseases spread

The skill and education is learn more math,finish all the school and study required.

The job out and benefits,establish businesses.  They pay 101,500$ and federal government.

So i will be a mathematician

I will learn more math and earn 101,500$. i hope i can do this.


The lottery and The hunger game

Tessie and Katniss are the same in some way,but different others.  Tessie and Katniss are both because they are living in dystopia However,Tessie and Katniss are different they are not the same history.Also,when Katniss family was piked she yell (I’m volunteer,I’m volunteer as tribute).But when katniss family was picked she give her